Material Required to Make the Wigwam: half a round bandbox cover and a few small sticks or pencils.

Why, of course, you may make an Indian wigwam! It will take about two minutes to make one like this one in the picture. With it, you may play all kinds of Indian plays. It will be ever such fun! You will need half an old bandbox cover to help make the wigwam. The cover must be a round one.

One bandbox cover will make two wigwams. Cut the cover into halves. Take one of these and lap its edges to form a cone. Glue or sew these edges together.

Cut off the point of the cone. This makes the opening at top of the wigwam.

In the rim of the bent bandbox cone, cut a flap, and bend this back against the outer side of the tent. Stand the tent up upon its broad base, and there will


The Indian Wigwam is cut from half of a round bandbox cover.

be its entrance. Small sticks or thin pencils may be thrust through the top to make tent sticks. Indian symbols may be painted on the sides of the tent.

I had an Indian doll, Big Chief Ten Cent Store. He came in a canoe made of wood. I made a green woods for him out of crape paper, and he lived near a silver paper spring upon my play-room floor in his home.

All the toy animals that I have played in the woods and Big Chief Ten Cent Store hunted them. There was a deer that came off our Christmas tree, and a whole family of china bunnies, and - and you just ought to see him on the trail of Noah's Ark animals! And - and you ought to see the lovely mats that are inside the Indian's tent. I made them at Kindergarten myself.

By the shores of Abigmirror, By the shining of its water, Stood the wigwam of Big Box Chief, Builded from a half a bandbox. Dark behind it rose a mountain Made of paper-covered boxes: There were pebble rocks upon it, Caverns where Big Box Chief hunted.