Material Required to Make a Castle: any box, either round or square - one at least six or seven inches deep is best.

Material Required to Make a Fairyland House: an oblong box deep enough for door and windows to be cut in its sides, a few little crackers or "goodies" - possibly some gilt or silver paper in place of these.

Have you ever played in fairyland? Well, if you have not been there, you can very well make a fairyland upon the play-room floor, and in it you may gather together all the people of your Red, and Blue, and Green, and Yellow Fairy Books. These people will be Knights, and Princesses, Witches, Goblins, Fairies. All are toys, and it is an easy matter to get them together - quite as easy as it is to make a fairyland castle.

I will tell you how. First, you may like to build the castle, for that is all-important. There never yet was a fairyland without that!

Find some deep box with its cover. It really matters little whether the box is round or square-sided. A round box will make a high tower-like castle similar to the one in the picture. A square one will make one more like a fortress. It scarcely matters which you choose. Take the cover from your box. This is to form the castle ramparts later. High up in the box rim cut one or two long tower windows. Cut a door at the base of the rim. Next cut the ramparts in the box cover. (For cutting ramparts, see Diagram Three, F, page 172.) Glue these to the top of your castle box - and the castle is made!

The Princess who lives in the Castle is a penny doll dressed in a silver robe (made of tinfoil). My Princess has golden hair. It is long and beautiful. You can see it in the picture.

The Knight is a leaden soldier. His spear is a bit of wire. His shield is a brass button, polished and shining.

You can easily find the proper kind of dragon at a little Japanese shop. Mine was made of crockery and cost ten cents, but you will surely find among the cotton animals that are sold three for five cents something far better than my crockery dragon. There are the most dragon-like of cotton animals at the Japanese stores where I buy penny toys. Sometimes they are spidery and sometimes they are like crocodiles - only they aren't crocodiles but DRAGONS. When you go to a Japanese shop and look for penny animals you will know exactly what I mean. They are all queer, and will work into any fanciful fairy tale that you wish to play with your castle.

Don't forget to make the dragon a lair, when you have bought him. It may be just a box with a hole in it for the mouth of a den, but if you have some pretty stones and pebbles, you can build a real lair on the play-room floor with these.

Almost any fairy tale may be acted out with the Knight and the Princess. Little toys which you have among your playthings may help out. I know you will have a good time playing at fairyland. I did.

I built me a Hansel and Gretel house, too. This was to help with my fairyland play.

Hansel and Gretel were two tumble toys - a boy and a girl. Their home was in a Boxville Cottage.

When they went to the woods and found the Witch's House, I made that. It was in a forest of clothes-pins like the trees made for Camp Box.

I made the fairyland house of the Witch from a deep oblong box. I cut two windows in one rim and a door between them, as you see it in the picture of the fairyland house.

To the sides of the house, I pasted some little crackers and goodies. The roof of the house was of crackers. It was very fairy.

I used some pretzels for a fence around it.

There were some small celluloid dolls among my playthings, and I made fairies of them. You can see one that is a Daisy. Her dress is an artificial flower off my old hat. I took the center out of the daisy and made a skirt of the petals. The fairy's wings were cut from white tissue-paper. They were glued to the back of her body.

All kinds of Hallowe'en figures that are little favors will answer splendidly for this fairy boxcraft play. You can easily find dwarfs, gnomes, goblins, witches, elves. Oh, it will be fun, I know!

In summer you can go out into the garden and gather hollyhocks. The flowers make real little flower ladies - just like fairies dressed up in red, and pink, and white dresses to go to a party. The buds of the hollyhocks make the heads for the ladies, and you just stick a pin through these and press it down at the base of the full blown flower to make the fairy lady. Acorns make fairy dishes too - did you ever happen to know that!


A Fairyland Castle made from a round box and its cover.


A Fairy House made of a box covered with goodies.

Once there lived a dolly princess, with soft, flaxen, curly hair, By a cruel spell imprisoned near a Chinese dragon's lair. Day and night her pasteboard tower, dragon-guarded, you'll agree, Offered ill to those in Toyland who would set the Princess free. Many little dolls essayed it - in a truly frightful way They were gobbled by the dragon one and all, I hate to say! But there came a leaden soldier,. all in tinfoil armor dressed; Bravely on his steed he bore him, valiant, in his chosen quest. At his blow, the green tin dragon toppled over, vanquished quite, And the rescued dolly princess was set free, then, by her Knight. King and Queen, they reign in Playtown even to this very day, And they live forever happy, as the fairy stories say!