Material Required to Make a Magic Box: two small oblong boxes with covers that slide over an inner drawer. Both boxes must be about an inch and a half long. Both must be duplicates of each other. About two yards of light twine are needed.

The magic box is truly a wonderful one. It will obey every command you give it - yes, it will! There is a secret that you will have to learn, but when you know this secret the little box will have to do just as you bid it.

The magic box is on a string. As it descends, you cry, "Halt!" The box stops at once. "Go on!" you cry. The box continues down the string. "Faster, faster!" The box fairly flies in its haste to get down to the floor! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Now, let me tell you how to do it. (It is a trick, of course!)

Find a small stick, round and smooth like a half of a toothpick.

Take the sliding cover from one of your boxes, and fit inside the drawer, across the center of it, the piece of wood so that there is space under it and above it.

Next, make a small hole at each end of the drawer of your box, and thread some string through both holes, letting the string pass under the stick of wood in the drawer. (See Diagram Thirteen, A, page 187.)

Place the sliding cover on the box and let the string pass through it at both ends. (See Diagram Thirteen, B.)

The SECRET of your magic box is the piece of wood in the drawer. Tell nobody about this. When you hold one end of the string in your right hand, place the toe of your shoe on the floor over the other end and keep the string taut. Then, loosen your hold slightly, and carefully bring the box upon the string up as far as your hand.

When you loosen the hold upon the string to make it less tight, you will notice that the box slides rapidly down the string; when you hold the string absolutely taut, the box remains firmly in one place. By practising, you will find just how much to loosen your hold on the string in order to make the box do as you wish.

Anyone who sees the box performing so wonderfully will not readily guess the secret of its magic. Here the second box, that is a duplicate of the first, comes into the play. Arrange this second box as if it were the trick box - except for the stick through the drawer. When your friends ask to examine the magic box, give them the second one. Keep both in your pocket. In putting the trick box into your pocket, slide its drawer a little, so that you can easily distinguish between the two boxes by feeling of them. When you give the duplicate, nobody will suspect that it is not the real box, if you manage cleverly.

"Wonderful! Wonderful!" they say. "What a MAGIC BOX you have!"

I made a magic trick box!

Oh, you may make one, too, But do not tell the secret

That I am telling you!

The little box will mind you,

Do everything you say! It is a magic trick box A treasury of play.