Material Required to Make the Funny Game of "Mister Box": one large box with a cover - one similar to a shoe-box - two or three spools.


"Funny Mr. Box," a Boxcraft Game, played with spools.

Allow me to introduce to you my friend Mister Box. He is funny and he is jolly. He likes to catch spools in his mouth, if you will be so kind as to throw them in.

Mister Box is a game. You can make a game like him. I will tell you how. You will need an empty box about the size of a shoe-box. It should have a cover.

Two or three players may play the game. Each will need an empty spool to play the game with. Each player may color his spool a different color. One may be blue; one may be red; and the third, if there are three players, may be green.

Now, to make Mister Box. Place your box on end and glue the cover tight. Next, take your pencil and draw a big face on the back of the box. Make the mouth large and round. Cut out the cardboard inside the mouth to make a big round hole about four inches wide. You can color Mister Box with your crayons, if you like. His hair should be brown, and his eyes too.

Now, to play the game, every player must stand, in turn, in the same place on the carpet or floor rug, four feet from the box. Measure four ruler lengths to get this. Each must try to get his spool into Mister Box. Toss the spool. No player may touch his spool till all have finished playing the round. The first one to get his spool into Mister Box six times wins.

When I win a game at play, This is what I always say: "You will win another day!"

If I do not win to-day, This is what I hope I'll say: "I have had a splendid play!"