Material Required to Make "One-Two-I-Catch-You": a square box cover and two buttons, one dark and one light. The counter is a round pill-box. (A square pill-box will do as well.)

This boxcraft game of "One-Two-I-Catch-You" is like a game of tag. It is a tag game on a game-board. As it is not so noisy a game, you can play it in the house.

To make the board to play on, take your pencil and your ruler. Rule a line from corner to corner across the inside of the box cover. Then, rule a line that will cross the center of the box, and another that crosses the center from the other side. This makes the triangular divisions of the board. Paint the triangles, alternating, black or blue. Leave the ones between, white. (See Diagram Twelve, page 186.)

Find your buttons now. Two players are to play this game. You will need a pill-box for a counter. Glue its cover on tight, and put a number one on its top and a number two on its base.

Play in turn, and toss the counter to see how far you can move. When the counter falls, take the number that is on its top and move as many triangles in either direction as the counter indicates.

Each player takes a different colored button to begin the game. Each button is placed in an opposite corner of the board. Each player must try to catch the other player by getting onto his triangle. The first to catch the other player three times is winner.

Throw the counter,

Happily, Who is winner,

Let us see!

Button here

And button there, I will catch you!

Just take care!


"One-Two-I-Catch-You," a Boxcraft Game of Tag.