Material Required to Make "Ringfling" : the deep lower half of a box over seven inches square, four long pencils, and about twelve square inches of card-board.

Ringfling is a jolly game. I am sure you will enjoy playing it. As many children as can play happily together may play the game. The first rule of the game is, "The more, the merrier!"

It takes but a moment to collect materials with which to play the game. The game itself may be made in about ten minutes - or less.

Take the deep lower half of some large square box and draw from corner to corner across its top. (See figure in Diagram Eleven, A, page 185.) Do this with heavy pencil lines.

Number each section of the board but one, using the numerals, 1, 2, 3 (one numeral each). Leave one section blank.


The Boxcraft Game of "Ringfling." It is made with the help of pencils and cardboard cut from box covers.

Cut a ring from cardboard, using a compass or saucer to guide you in drawing it first. Make it about three inches in diameter. (See Diagram Eleven, B, page 185, for cutting ring.) Make a smaller ring just like this larger one, and cut it in the very same way.

Take your pencils. Press the point of one into each section of the game-board at its center near the numeral you have drawn. Press the points of the pencils down first, and be careful to keep each hole small, so that the pencil will not slip too far down in it. The tops of all pencils should be of an even height, as you see them in the picture.

Here are the rules of the game:

Players play in turn.

Players count out to see who will begin the game and who will follow.

Each play consists of a turn to throw the large ring and the small ring.

The object of play is to have the ring tossed fall so that it circles about a pencil.

When a ring circles a pencil, it gives the player the count of the number that is upon that section. The small circle doubles the count.

Twelve counts win the game. The first to obtain this wins. You may make it eighteen - to make a longer game.

The game is played in rounds. To avoid dispute, it is best to keep the score of all players with pencil and paper.

Each player must stand five ruler lengths from the game when he flings the circles.

When I am playing little games,

I like to do what's right; And when I do not win the game,

I try to be polite!