The Bunsen burner is one of the most convenient means for heating work in the shop. The handy craftsman can make an attachment which will make the burner more useful. Many times when sweating a piece of work a drop of solder will fall into the mixing tube and cover the orifice. Sometimes it is quite difficult to remove it. This is very annoying and can be avoided by attaching a horizontal extension to the burner. This extension can also be used as a blow-pipe head. The air blast can be produced by mouth blowing, by a foot power blower or compressed air tank.

Combination Bunsen Burner

Figure 26.

The blow-head requires very little pressure. This blast of air will increase the heat of the flame so it can be used for brazing larger work. The blow-head can be attached by either taper fit or screw thread. A 3/8" pipe thread can be cut on the end of the mixing tube of most Bunsen burners. If the Bunsen burner at hand has a mixing tube that cannot be threaded the taper fit will have to be made. Materials needed are: one 3/8" tee, a piece of 3/8" iron pipe 2" long threaded on one end, one 3/8" pipe plug and a piece of copper tubing about 3/16" outside diameter, 5" long. A hole will have to be drilled through the 3/8" pipe plug for the copper tubing. This hole should be just large enough so the copper tube will have to be forced through it. Measurements for this combined Bunsen burner and blow-pipe head will be found in Figure 26.