By C. F. KEARY, M.A., F.S.A.

Contents. - The Land : The Glacial Era and its Remains ; Islands; Mountains ; Fjords ; Valleys ; Forests ; Conformation of the Country - The People : Traces of Prehistoric Life in Modern Norway - Seafaring : The Vikings - The Edda and its Mythology : Discovery of Iceland, Greenland, and America; Origin of Old Norse Poetry; The Mythology of the Edda - The Sagas - History: Harald Fairhair; Hakon; Gunhild's Sons ; Olaf Tryggvason ; St. Olaf; Magnus the Good ; Harald Hardradi; The End of the Heroic Age; The Civil Wars ; Sverri; Hakon Hakonsson; Magnus the Law Reformer; The Union of Calmar; Transition to Modern Times - Modern Norway : Constitution; Religion ; Education ; Land Tenure and the Means of Living - Norse Literature - The Wild Flowers of Norway - Genealogical Tables - Index.

'The visitor to Norway cannot do better than supply himself with this volume. It is not a guide-book; but it is a most intelligent and useful guide, in the best sense of the word, to a comprehensive understanding of the country and its people.' - Spectator.

'Every English and American visitor to Norway sufficiently intelligent to desire to know something about the country, its peoples, and its history, will rejoice over this pleasant little book. This book, in size and binding well suited to a place in a portmanteau, and not a cumbrous addition even to a knapsack, will give him briefly and pleasantly the information that he wants.- While Mr. Keary's book is one that is good to read at all times and in any land, the tourist in Norway will find it an invaluable and delightful companion.' - Saturday Review.

' We cordially commend this most instructive and comprehensive little book to all intending tourists, and even those who may have to stay at home could hardly do better than console themselves by travelling in imagination under such an excellent conductor as Mr. Keary.' - Glasgow Herald.

'Certainly everybody who takes any interest in Scandinavia should read this book ; for there are few whom it will not enlighten, and probably fewer whom it will not delight.' - St. James' Gazette.

'It is a useful work for the more intellectual class of travellers in Norway.' - Daily Telegraph.

•We have little doubt that it will hold its own as a handy work of reference. Plans and pictures heighten the charm of this painstaking and admirable record.' - Leeds Mercury.

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Vol. I. Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d.