A Survey, Comparative and Retrospective.

To be completed in Two Volumes. Sold separately.


Officier de L'Instruction Publique de France. Editor of Arthur Young's ' Travels in France.'

Contents of Vol. i.

Introductory. Part I. - Provinces: Bourbonnais, Auvergne,Velay, Languedoc, Pyrenees. Part II. - Provinces: Anjou, Poitou, Gascoigne, Berry. Part III. - Alsace-Lorraine. Part IV. - Franche-Comte, Burgundy, Le Morvan. Appendix. Index.

'Your excellent work, " France of Today," fulfils my highest expectations. It is in every way worthy of your high reputation as our first living authority on France.' - Mr. Frederic Harrison.

'No living English writer, perhaps no living French writer, has a more intimate acquaintance than Miss Betham Edwards with France and the French. Like Arthur Young in the last century, she has wandered throughout the whole length and breadth of the country, and she adds to that writer's faculty of observation, broader sympathies and a greater range of intellectual cultivation. Her " France of Today" is a delightful book, setting forth the French peasant and the French bourgeois as they are, naught extenuating nor aught setting down in malice.' - Daily News.

'The author is chiefly concerned with the France of the Republic ; and within a short space she gives us a description which is undeniably interesting and readable, and can hardly fail, so far as it goes, to be instructive. A more elaborate work might convey more information, but not in a more attractive shape.' - St. James' Gazette.

'Undoubtedly a work inspired by a happy idea. Miss Betham Edwards styles her book "a survey, comparative and retrospective," and such it is, in the widest acceptation of the term.' - Saturday Review.

' Miss Betham Edwards knows more of rural life in France than probably does any other Englishwoman. The present volume describes the South-West, the South, and the East of France. No one interested in agriculture and industry will regret taking it as a companion there. We look forward eagerly to the volume which will complete the work.' - Academy.

'The characteristics of rural France, and the simplicity and strength which pervade the popular interpretation of life and duty, are charmingly indicated in these pages, and pessimists who profess to be in despair of human progress, will find not a little in this calm and philosophic survey of the social problem in modern France, to disarm their fears.' - Leeds Mercury.

'The tourist, the student of certain economical problems, and the general reader, will all find the book worth their attention.' - Yorkshire Post.

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