The Persian Design (pages 298-9), although it may appear difficult and complicated, may be easily cut by the marquetry worker. If the wood forming the design had to be made up of small pieces, heat stained, the work would be-very difficult and monotonous, but it should be simply cut through while on dark wood, and worked up afterward-, with necessary stains. The veneer should be carefully chosen,. and, if desired, the centre panel could be buhl work, or inlaid metal cut in exactly the same way. When the work is cut out it will be necessary to glue up, using a heated " caul " to ensure the glue drying slowly. In cleaning up, a toothing plane should be used on the veneer, but a flat file will be necessary for the finishing of the metal inlay. It will he found very useful if the small broken pieces of file are kept and mounted on a piece of wood; they can then be easily used to get up a high finish. The finished work should be either worked up as a table or a tray. In the latter case, a shaped moulding should be made to tile shape of the outside. A.C.H.