(See Supplement B.) The Repousse Lock or Escutcheon Plate is suitable for a cabinet or casket, and, with the exception of the pierced work, is simple. A slightly larger piece of metal should be cut out, and the design carefully transferred and scratched in. Place it on the pitch, trace and punch down the ground. When this is done, remove the metal and, after cleaning, saw to the shape with a fine saw, working very carefully, to avoid the need of a file.

An Inlaid Escutcheon Plate

The design may easily be adapted to inlay work. Use a piece of sawn veneer with a marquetry centre. The work, being small, should prove a very interesting bit of inlaying. For the large piece, use a veneer of contrasting colour; transfer the design on the front; paste another colour veneer on the back, and saw out the portions shown as pierced, either the two small circular bands or the larger one between, and either the centre design or the surrounding ground. When the back veneer falls into place, glue up between two hot boards, and, finally, inlay the whole into its place.

The Repousse Designs, Nos. 76 and 77, will prove something out of the ordinary run of cabinet or drawer handles. They are not difficult, for the actual repousse work involved is slight. The circular plate should be raised to form a "boss," or the portion containing the design could be raised only, leaving the centre and outside borders flat. The raising should be done after the design has been traced, the matting or punching on the ground being left until last. The handles should be left for the professional metalworker, for they are too difficult for the amateur to attempt unless he be provided with a suitable set of tools. They should be made of 1/*4 in. round bar fitted into solid ends, these being rivetted on to the plates, or else screwed on with a nut. The larger handle-plate should be flat, but have the design raised. Care should be taken to get a nice sweep to the curves, and to get the curl at the ends of the form. Undercutting with a fine tracer will be necessary. A- C. H.