The many admirers of the late Sir Edward Burne-Jones whose purses are not equal to the purchase of the big, costly volumes devoted to the work of the master, will be grateful to the publishers for including him in the admirable but inexpensive Newnes' Art Library. For a few shillings we are given a succinct, biographical and descriptive notice of the artist, by Malcolm Bell, with nearly sixty full-page very attractive reproductions of the artist's work, including a photogravure frontispiece of "The Baleful Head." The photographs, which are by Hollyer, Mansell, and J. Caswall Smith, are large enough and clear enough to be of practical value to the modeller and designer. Sir Edward's sculpturesque methods and impeccable drawing lend themselves admirably to the purposes of the craftsman. An interesting example of this was mentioned in an early number of the magazine, when we called attention to an extraordinary reproduction, in the round, of the female figure in the picture of " Merlin and Vivien," by a student of the Regent Street Central School, made, we were told, with no other guide than an ordinary print. Only the front view of the lady is disclosed in this painting; but any one inclined to attempt a similar reproduction of the exquisitely beautiful nude figure of Andromeda will find in the volume before us both the front and the back views, in "The Rock of Doom" and "The Doom Fulfilled, respectively. No one can study these without feeling certain that the artist modelled the gracious figure before painting it. Does the model exist, we wonder ? (London: George Newnes Limited, Southampton Street, Strand. Price 3s. 6d. net.) M. M.