The seventh arts and crafts exhibition promoted by the Bristol and Clifton Society was held in November at the Fine Arts Academy in the former city. It was opened by the Dowager Duchess of Beaufort, and the Bishop of Bristol made an excellent address. Nearly two thousand exhibits were comprised in the twelve sections among which they were distributed, and in nearly every department there were indications of improvement over previous similar displays. The demonstrations in pottery and spinning were watched with great curiosity. The Canterbury Weavers had a specially interesting representation. While the section of painting and sculpture was attractive, it was in the wide range of handicrafts represented that most interest was shown, and to which by far the most of the exhibition space was devoted.

Certificates - and in a few cases medals - were awarded as follows: -

Drawing And Painting

Oil Painting: 1st, Miss R. Tapp, A.S.W.A. and Miss E. K. Dowding; 2nd, Miss K. Lawrence and Miss W. Swayne; 3rd, .Miss K. S. Badcock, and - McCall. Water Colour: 1st, G. B. Percy Spooner Lillingstone and Mrs. F. Bush; 2nd, Miss C. B. Gulley, Miss F. M. Batchelor, and Miss E. I. Pennyfather; 3rd, Miss Mabel Carwardine, Ada Galton, Mary Norton, and Hilda Pierce. Miniatures: 1st, Ethel Clutterbuek and Miss C. C. Bucknall; 2nd. May Arnold, Miss C. B. Gulley, and Miss R. E. Jackson; 3rd, Miss A. Horstmann. Pencil Drawing: 1st, A. J. Watson. Pen and Ink Drawing: 1st, Miss D. Ebden and Dorothy Wilmot; 2nd, Master G. W. Eyles; 3rd, Maud C. Fisher. Charcoal Drawing: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd certificates, Lester Sut-cliffe. Decorative Design: 1st and 3rd, Miss Annie French; 1st, Master G. W. Eyles; 3rd, Maud C. Fisher. Etching: 1st, S. F. Crawford,'2nd and 3rd, A. J. Watson, A.R.C.A. Models in Wax, etc.: 1st, Miss M. Morton.

Decorative Painting

On Wood: 1st, T. Bradley; 2nd, Miss M. E. Vernon and Miss F. M. Lucas; 3rd, Mrs. R. W. Statham. On China: 1st, G. R. Rigby; 2nd, A. Forster. Stencilling: 1st, G. R. Rigby; 2nd, Miss L. A. Raynsford; 3rd, Miss L. E. Humphries. On Vellum: 3rd, Miss O. R. Smyth and Gino Paneri. Illumination: 3rd, Miss Glennie. Translucent Enamel: 2nd, Miss C.Hughes. Enamel Painting: 3rd, Miss C. Hughes. fewellery: 1st, certificate and hon. mention, Mr. F. Partridge; 1st cert., Bromsgrove Guild; 2nd cert, and hon. mention, Bernard Cuzner; 2nd cert., Guild of Handicrafts; 3rd cert. and hon. mention, Miss M. Wintour and Guild of Metal Workers.


Wood Carving: 2nd, Miss A. Randall; 3rd, Lucy Paddison. Chip Carving: 1st, Evelyn Fisher; 2nd, Miss G. A. Mendham and Miss L. J. Lowndes; 3rd, Albert

Audres. Poker Work: 1st. Miss C. Charles; 3rd, A. Mackenzie. Furniture, Cabinet Work: Hon. Mention, W. G. Norris. Pottery: 2nd cert, and hon. mention, W. Howson Taylor. Embossed Leather Work: 1st, Ernest E. Clark; 2nd, Miss Gertrude Wright and Miss N. C. Baker; 3rd, Miss Hier Evans. Tooled and Decorated Work in Leather: 1st, M. M.

B. Downing and Giuseppe Norsa; 2nd, Miss J. H. Park; 3rd [certificate, Gino Paneri. Bookbinding: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd certificates and hon. mention, Misses Marshall and Gedge; 3rd cert., Oxford Press. Silve: Hon. mention, Guild of Handicraft, Acton Guild of Metal Workers, and Bernard Cuzner. Copper: 1st, Miss M. Wilson; 2nd, Miss Bennett Hill; 3rd, T. Vincent. Other Metals: 1st, The Guild of Handicraft. Models of Machines: 1st, S. Garside; 2nd, certificate, C. G. Bucknall; 3rd, certificate and hon. mention, C. Stuart.


On Silk: 1st, Audrey School of Embroidery; 2nd and H.M. cert., Miss M. Hollier; 2nd, Miss K. Clarke. On Linen: 1st, worked by All Saints' Linen Society; 2nd, Miss Cave (All Saints' Linen Society); 3rd, Miss Paterson (All Saints' Linen Society). On Silk and Satin: 1st and 2nd, Mrs.

C. Budgett; 1st, Miss E. Scruton, Mrs. H. L. Baker, and Miss B. Wright (Mortimer House School); 3rd, Miss Rattray and Miss L. Wills (Mortimer House School), and Miss Rigby. Ditto: 1st and H.M. cert., Miss A. Bowie; 1st, Signorina Gaultieri and Miss Mary Boswell; 2nd, Mrs. Fortescue Brickdale, Miss A. Maynard, and Miss F. Lee; 3rd cert., Miss E. Clayton; H.M. cert., Miss Rhoda Wager, Mrs. Copland, Miss M. G. Hollis, and Miss M. Fyffe. Book Covers: 1st, Mrs. H. Nicholl and Miss B. Wright (Mortimer House School); 2nd cert., Miss L. Wills and Mrs. Meyrick Heath (Mortimer House School); H.M. cert., Miss E. Kisch.