Cold Medal to John Potter, Derby School of Art, for stencilled frieze for church decoration, " commended for its dignified simplicity of treatment as well as for its [rank and well-harmonised colour." Bronze Medal to Joseph Hebron, Newcastle-on-Tyne (Rutherford College) School of Art. Book prizes to John T. Shaw, Carlisle School of Art, for a well-constructed design for a stencilled hanging; to Harold W. Gotobed, Dewsbury School of Art, for his design for a Wilton carpet; to Charles R. Edge, Manchester (Cavendish Street) School of Art, " for the ' construction of his-(carpet] design, despite its unfortunate colour."

Printed Muslins, Hangings, Lace For Hangings, Embroidery, Etc

The examiners (A. F. Brophy, Lewis F. Day, J. H. Dearie) find the designs for printed muslins of a higher average of merit than last year, " though no work of such distinction is submitted as was then the case. The examiners note with gratification that there is no falling off in the precision of drawing and in the delicacy of colour; in a great many drawings, however, there is a tendency to make the lines and details too delicate for the technical necessities of muslin printing." A large number of designs for printed hangings were submitted, but few are found "really commendable, many being of a hackneyed and commonplace description." The improvement of last year is not maintained in designs for lace hangings, curtains, etc., "there is a distinct lack of originality, and in many designs the treatment is not suitable for the material; no work is up to the standard of a medal award. Designs for embroidery, hangings, etc, are commended both as to design and workmanship. "The more reserved and reticent designs are the most satisfactory, and, in fact, there is often more merit displayed in the simple linen embroideries than in the more ambitious floral subjects." Designs for mosaics and linoleum are included in this division, but only one student in each subject is named for an award.


Bronze Medal to Dorothy Hoult, Leeds School of Art, for design for cotton printing. Silver Medals to Mary Nicholls, Worcester School of Art, for her design for " an exceptionally good piece of 'white work'" (an embroidered bed-spread), and to Clara Lavington, Leeds School of Art, for her three-fold draught screen. The examiners say they are "extremely pleased with the design" of the latter, and that "the design gains in execution, showing that it was schemed with a due regard to the particular kind of needle-work employed. Bronze Medals to Irene Allen. Plymouth (Technical School) School of Art, for her design for an embroidered panel in darned work; to Thomas Arthur Cook, West Ham School of Art, design for a mosaic pavement for a bathroom: to Amy Hinton, Battersea (Polytechnic) School of Art, design for linoleum.

Furniture, Internal Decorations, Stained Glass And Iron Work

The examiners (A. F. Brophy, Sir William B. Richmond, K.C.B., R.A.,

Reynolds Stephens) find the standard of the designs for furniture " quite up to the average, and there is less evidence of a striving alter eccentricity and of imitations of eccentric examples of Part nonveau." The quality of designs for internal decorations they find on a par with the high standard of last year. So, too, in regard to stained glass, and the examiners express gratification at seeing so many specimens actually carried out in the material, " As owing to the great difficulties of this art, it is not easy to judge of the effect of the designs from a water-colour sketch." The designs for constructional metal work are not found to attain a high level.

Award - Gold Medal to Newbury Abbot ["rent, West Ham School of Art, for his designs for a fire screen, which has been executed in wood. " The examiners congratulate him upon the merit of the design and the excellent execution shown in the panels." Silver Medal to Charles F.Green, Birmingham School of Art, for a lectern, "which shows a knowledge of construction and design, and consequently an appreciation of the use of the materials to be employed." Bronze Medal to Ralph Henderson, Liverpool (Mount Street) School of Art, "for the appropriateness and simplicity of his design." Silver Medals to Dorothy M. Snow, New Cross School of Art, for a praiseworthy scheme of decoration for the chancel of a church; to J. Harold Gibbons, Manchester (Cavendish Street) School of Art, for his sketch design for a painted rood screen. The examiners commend his sense of proportion and his careful rendering of details; to Margaret E. Lloyd, Liverpool (Mount Street) School of Art. " for her stencilled decorative composition ' The Village Fair,' in which, without running into the pictorial, considerable invention is evinced in the limited conditions of the process of stencilling." Bronze Medals to Maggie Richardson, New Cross School of Art, "for her design for the decoration of the Assembly Hall of a Casino"; to James A. Found, Hull School of Art. "for hi plucky design for a stencilled frieze for the Hall of a Sports Club." Book prize to Joe Pearce, Liverpool (Mount Street) School of Art, "for a good design tor the decoration of a dining-room." Silver Medals to Archibald J. Davies, and to Frances H. E. Sanderson, Birmingham School of Art. " for designs which are executed in a thoroughly appropriate manner for glass." The examiners express their pleasure at seeing that "these students appreciate the legitimate use of leading and pure glass, and that they avoid overpainting on the glass." Book prize to Richard J. Stubington (same school) for stained glass design. Bronze Medals to Alfred Everiss, Birmingham (Moseley Road) School of Art. for design for wrought iron railings; to Edward V. Spicer, Banbury School of Art, for design for furniture fittings; to Absolom Simpkins, West Bromwich School of Art, for design for a public-house sign, " in which the construction is thoroughly appropriate to the treatment of wrought iron.