Gold Medals to Charles I. J. Doman, Nottingham School of Art, for " an admirable marble relief, carefully and skilfully executed "; Ernest Copestick (same school), for a fire-dog, "excellent in design and proportion and shows an understanding of the treatment required for metal." Silver Medals to William H. O. Tennant, Birmingham School of Art, for "beautifully finished set of designs for a hinge, escutcheon, etc."; to John P. Morgan, Swansea School of Art, for "an extremely well-designed scroll," and William T. Stitson, of Plymouth (Princess Square) School of Art, for tiles, "very well drawn and thoroughly suitable fur the purpose intended." Bronze Medals to Violet Brunton, of Liverpool (Mount Street) School of Art, "for a design fur a bronze panel which is good in design but somewhat careless in the treatment of the figures"; to R. Garnet Glandfield, of Plymouth (Technical School) School of Art, fur "a design for a modelled frieze, which is carefully worked, the surface, however, is too uniformly covered." Book Prizes to Violet Brunton,of Liverpool (Mount Street) School of Art, for a design for an overmantel in bronze and wood, "the effect is somewhat marred by the crudeness of the setting, and the modelling ought to have been carried further"; to Wilmot C. M. Allen same school), " for the good composition of his work, despite the defective drawing: though it is a sketch, it should have been better drawn and executed."

Competition Sketch: Return of Perseus and Andromeda. By T. L. Sands, Winner of Second Prize.

Competition Sketch: "Return of Perseus and Andromeda." By T. L. Sands, Winner of Second Prize.

Competition Sketch: Return of Perseus and Andromeda. By J. A. Stevenson, Winner of Third Prize.

Competition Sketch: "Return of Perseus and Andromeda." By J. A. Stevenson, Winner of Third Prize.

Awards 264

"Art": Decorative Panel. By Vincent Hill.

As an exercise in composition, students in modelling are required, by the introduction of suitable accessories, to use the same modelled figure to represent different abstractions.

Awards 265

"Music": Decorative Panel. By Sidney Boyes.

The same model, similarly posed, was used by other students in the class, to represent "Commerce" and "The Drama." The figure in the actual panels is about half the size of life.

Anatomical Studies Of The Human Figure

The examiners find that the improvement of last year is maintained, and that the recommendation of previous years to treat these drawings as diagrams has been carried out.


Silver Medal to A. A. Cooper, Preston School of Art, for " the excellent drawing of the skeleton and for the clearness of the articulation of the muscles."

Painting In Monochrome From Casts

In ornament, the examiners find the work quite up to the average, but in figures and animals they discover a distinct falling off.


Bronze Medals to Frank L. Ellis, of Liscard School of Art, for "a very complete study of a ' capital' "; to Daisy A. S. Winter (same school) " for the delicate way in which the monochrome is treated"; to Ashby Smith Neate, Bath School of Art, for "a solid piece of monochrome work, which is delicate in treatment.-" Book Prize to Stanley A. Stuart, of Newcastle-on-Tyne (Durham College) School of Art " for the simple and distinguished rendering of a less difficult subject."

Drawing And Painting From The Living Model

The examiners (E. J. Gregory, R.A., P.R.I., Sir William B. Richmond, K.C.B., R.A., W. F. Yeames, R.A.) do not consider the standard of work in drawing heads high enough to warrant the award of a silver medal. They find the general level of drawing of the full-length figure is " indifferent and below even that of last year," but they consider the average is high in the drawing of hands and feet. In time studies, too, they find that the high level of last year is more than maintained. Among the studies of drapery upon the living model, they find nothing which merits an award.


Bronze Medals to EllinorTozer, Clapham School of Art, for "the character and fine drawing of her study (of .1 head), and the taste shown in the delineation of the headgear"; to John Milner, Nottingham School of Art, " the light and shade of his work, though not forced, expresses well the modelling by planes." Silver Medals to Percy H Jowett Leeds School of Art, for the completeness of his drawing of the full-length figure; to Frank Todd, WestBromwich School of Art, "for the breadth and tenderness of his modelling of form and his well-defined massing of light and shade." Gold Medal to Gilbert Rogers, Liverpool [Mount Street ) Art, " for his two sheets of quick time sketches. The constructive ability and vitality shown in these sketches are remarkable.' Silver Medals to Margaret McCormack and Harry Butler (both of Liverpool (Mount Street) School of Art) " for very high class studies." Book prizes to Vivian Smith Sheffield School of Art, "for the manner in which he has attempted and realised with celerity and success, certain momentary actions "; to Francis Hounsell, Brighton School of Art, " in recognition of a decided sense of style, though he must beware of drifting into mannerisms."

Painting From Life

The same examiners find no work in the class for painting heads worthy of the award of a silver medal, but in painting the figure, they consider the standard well maintained, and that "there is much less evidence than usual of incomplete and unsatisfactory work."


Silver Medal to Gilbert Rogers, Liverpool (Mount Street) School of Art, "for his study of a boy, which is remarkable for its drawing and modelling, but it is not so successful in its colouring." Bronze Medal to Spencer Pryse, Regent-street (Polytechnic) School of Art, " for a work which is characterised by ability and a spontaneity which is rare in students' work; nevertheless it betrays a tendency to mannerisms which might become dangerous."

Painting From Flowers And Still Life

The examiners (H. H. La Thangue, A.R.A.; G. D. Leslie, R.A.; W. F. Yeames, R.A.) find but few out of the many paintings submitted worthy of an award, and "again regret that objects not suited to the study of still life painting are placed before the students; such objects, though they may serve as a test of laborious patience on the part of the students, afford no play for their artistic perceptions." In the same section are the drawings of old buildings and drawings of foliage, landscape details, etc.,from nature. The examiners regret that there are so few works of the former class; the quality of the drawings of the latter class they find good, and that "last year's standard is quite maintained."


Silver Medal to Amy E. Webster, Leeds School 01 Art, "study of fruit and flowers, tastefully arranged and admirably executed." Bronze Medals to Marjorie Kelsey, Blackheath School of Art. "for the straightforward way in which her work is painted"; to Maud Taylor, Clapham School of Art, "for a work in which the objects are skilfully painted, but the whole effect is spoilt by faulty perspective and by the obviously artificial character of the background." In water-colours only one medal - a bronze one - is awarded, the winner being Fanny Elizabeth Pearson, Wisbech (Technical School) Day and Evening School. Book prize to Harry Houchen, Holloway School of Art. Bronze Medal to Dorothy Bristow, Bloomsbury School of Art, for a set of flowers without background, which reminds the examiners, in its method of work, of the excellent drawings of some years ago. Book prizes to Oscar C. Goodwin, Canterbury School of Art, for studies of old buildings; to Jane R. Luke, Cardiff School of Art, for drawings of plants. Silver Medal to Janet Simpson, Lambeth School of Art, " for some very clever black and white drawings of trees and buildings in Camberwell."