This stand should be made from strip iron 1/4 in. or 3/8 in. wide, and the work commenced by making the outside circle of a double thickness of iron. Next, make the inner ring, also of two thicknesses, and prepare the clamps, or bending strips. The wavy strips joining the outer and inner circles should now be worked in, pliers being freely used to get the correct shape. The clamps on the outer circle are fastened on first in each case, but only six should be fixed to join the inner circle to the connecting strips. These will be easily seen, as they do not connect up any of the central design. Now work up the rabbit, shaping the various pieces on the design, and working in whole lengths of strip iron wherever possible. Unless the clamps are very strong, it will be hardly advisable to make the feet; but, if desired, they may be made as shown in the drawing, to form the outer fastenings as well as feet.