A fairly thick metal should be used; it should first be planished and cleaned and thoroughly polished. Small holes should be drilled for the sawblade to enter, and care should be taken in sawing, to avoid subsequent filing. The lockplate may be made of thinner metal than the hinge, hut it will require great care in sawing. Two methods of making up the hinge are shown in Figs. A. and B., the former being the easier. A French round wire nail, with the head cut off, will do well in the hinge. Copper pins should be used to fix on the plate, but round-headed screws, copper-plated, will be most suitable for the hinge.

The Design for a Logholder (See Supplement B) will be found by the repousse-worker easy of adaptation to the sides of a music or newspaper stand. The work should be slightly raised with the groundwork well punched in. A considerable amount of bold tooled work will be required. It would be advisable to mount the work on a wooden panel, cut to shape, with a carefully rounded edge projecting about half an inch or so beyond the metalwork. The sides could then be easily mounted.