The Corner Piece, No. 49, is a simple yet effective design entailing very little work. The beginner should cut out from the sheet enough for all the corner required and, having cleaned the metal, trace on the design. Let him next trace in the lines and punch in the ground, and polish before cutting apart.

The Cut Metal Corner Piece, No. 50, should have a little tooled work on the flowers, to give them a slightly raised appearance. The work is very similar to that just mentioned, but, of course, the ground must be cut out with a fret saw.

The designs, Nos. 51 and 52, will both be useful to the repousse- worker; the former as a border for a tray or frame, and the latter as a panel. The relief gained by punching down the ground on a block of pitch will be quite sufficient to give a good effect.


The novice in woodcarving will find in the designs, Nos. 40, 51, and 52, scope for the use of simple tools. The relief should be slight, and with a little careful modelling a nice effect should result.


All these designs may be utilised by the leatherworker, especially the corner pieces. The running border is also a very useful design. The best effect is to be gained by simply tooling in the lines and pressing down and stamping the ground, indicated by the shaded lines.