"Air":- The Second of a Series ok Four Panels.

This is admirably suited for relief burning, but it should not be attempted by a beginner. Choose a very white wood, at least 1/2 inch thick, close grained and free from knots, such as chestnut or sycamore. After the design has been traced the outlines should be deeply incised with a knife-shaped point. Hold the point so that only the sharp edge sinks into the wood. Small curves and strokes should be done by holding the point perpendicularly, so that only the sharp tip burns into the wood. After the main lines are put in, the background can be burnt away to a depth of about a quarter of an inch. The edges of the design should then be sloped towards the background. The greatest care must be taken with the modelling of the face and drapery. It is advisable at first to mark out with a pencil the parts to be burnt away; work up to these marks from where the design is in deepest relief. When

Pyrography 241

A Rack for Souvenir spoons.

(For treatment see opposite page.) the burning is finished, rub the whole surface with a hard brush and afterwards sandpaper it. The panels could afterwards be coloured with stains, which are very effective for such relief work,