For Colouring Photography and Post Cards, Barnard's "Velvotint" Powder Colours do all that is claimed for them. They are used dry and worked in with paper stumps. We have seen some prints in the Bartolozzi style treated very effectively in this manner. (F. Barnard & Son, 19, Berners Street, London.)

The French-polishing "Outfit for Amateurs," which the Kitlcne Syndicate, Ltd. (1464, Queen Victoria Street, E.C), have been good enough to send us, is very complete. They offer, for two stamps, to forward a free sample of their polish, with full instruction, to any of our readers.

Three quarter View of his Bust

Three-quarter View of his Bust at the Royal Academy Exhibition. [For Views of the Progressive Stages, see pages 56 & 57, and also Arts & Crafts, No. 1