The "Poppy" Decoration (page 292) would be effective as a pierced repousse overlay on a dark wood, or even as a repousse frame. The work - in the overlay especially - should be only slightly raised, but for a frame entirely of metal the ground containing the hollow should be scant, allowing the borders to be brought out round in section. Allowance could then be made for the rebate to hold glass and backpiece. If the overlay is placed on a wooden frame, care must be taken to make it properly. The mitres should be jointed up and keyed with a thin piece of wood to give greater strength.

The Pierced Metal Decoration (Page 202)

This design calls lor very neat work, and would look best in silver. Use very thin sheet, and be very careful with the trace, or else it will cut through. It would be best to use a hard cement in working up the back, for the relief should be very slight, and it is important that the metal be kept quite level. If this is not seen to it will not lie close upon the leather. The lower design could be easily adapted to the flap of a purse, the same treatment being followed.

The Persian Design (pages 298-9) would he very suitable for chased metal, utilised for a tray. Considerable care will be necessary, but a free use of the chaser will soon cover the ground. The greatest difficulty will be in keeping the sweep of the branches; but if they are accurately drawn and transferred into the metal, strict attention to the line will ensure good work. A. C. H.