(See Supplement A.) The Hinge.S (No's. 55 and 58) should be cut from a fairly stout piece of metal and sawn carefully to shape. They should be made, as shown in a previous number, with the other side plain. Care should be taken that the metal is not separated at the tips of the leaves, or the hinge will he weakened.

The Repousse Borders are easily worked up in "repousse." The narrower one is very simple, and suitable for the practice work of a beginner. It need only be traced and matted. There is much more work in the other design, which would look well as the decoration of a casket, or used cylindrically for a vase. The relief should be slight; otherwise the effect of the design will be lost.

For Carving, these designs are no less suitable. The narrower one calls merely for veining and grounding. The other is more difficult, but would serve admirably as a border for a small casket. On large work its repetition would become tiresome.

A Leather Belt might be suitably decorated with the smaller design or with upper band of the larger design. The design should be tooled in and the background grounded in sufficiently to give the pattern a raised appearance. The ground, in either case, might he stained, which would greatly enhance the effect. A. C. H.