The delightful arrangement of Sun and Tree which figures on the cover of Arts ami Crafts has been worked out with charming effect for a portfolio to contain the numbers as they appear from month to month. The model - which many readers will probably whish to reproduce -is of green lien. in size rather larger than the magazine itself; the back wide enough to contain at least six copies, and furnished with a capacious pocket lor the loose sheets. The design is treated as follows: For the sun, live shades of gold silk; the centre disc closely darned in deepest shade; the rays From dark to light in equal gradations. The scroll (also closely darned) in three shades of dull blue, has the lettering and outline in black The branches, leaves, and stem of the tree are cunningly shaded in various greens and browns, not too pale, as the autumn period is shown, and the apricots are treated in more or less natural tints. Another model, also on green linen, has been worked out in three colours only - one green, two yellows, and two blues - thus: The sun, yellow; tree, green; scroll, blue; fruit (worked round and Mail, one darker yellow; letters and outline, black. The design may also he worked effectively for a screen panel. If desired, the treatment will be published.