On crimson velvet this design would lend itself admirably For the decoration of a retable, or (if enlarged by the addition of a small conventional border on each side) for a super frontal. In working, the many lines should be laid in Japanese gold, stitched down with orange silk; the border which surrounds the flowers in brick stitch of richly hued gold purse-silk, also stitched down with orange silk. For the flowers church floss should be used - white shading through cream to a faint green; the stamens and anthers of Japanese gold tipped with vivid orange. If preferred, the spotted lily may be shaded through cream to a soft pink with red spots.

Border for a Tea Cloth. (See page 47.) On very fine linen or cambric above a hemstitched border this delicate little pattern has quite a charming effect. Two shades of applegreen floss (and one strand only to be used) for the leaves and stems, the flower forms to be alternately blue and pink of the softest and tenderest shades. If worked on a somewhat coarser fabric, the divisable mercerised cotton, may be substituted for the silk with good effect