IX the announcements of our Prize Competitions it is stated that the competitions for executed work in Enamelled Jewellery, Miniature Painting and Bookbinding are "not open to professionals." A correspondent, referring to this restriction, puts the following questions: - " Why do you make this distinction ? " " How do you define the word ' professional ' in this connection ? "

The answer to the first question is obvious. The distinction was made, of course, from desire to protect our readers, the great majority of whom are art workers, students and amateurs - not professional ,artists or professional art workers. The second question, I confess, is a poser. To answer it frankly is to demonstrate the futility of our position in regard to the first question. The evident answer would seem to be that the professional maker of enamelled jewellery, the professional painter of miniatures, and the professional book-binder produce those articles for the purposes of profit. Yet, if all intending competitors who sell their productions are to be excluded, who would remain to take part in the contest? Not many promising candidates, I fear; for nowadays nearly all amateurs sell their work when they get the chance. If they do not actually sell to the shops, they dispose of it to their friends, or in aid of some charity. Having regard, then, to all the circumstances in the case, it would seem but reasonable to remove a restriction that it is not practicable to enforce. Hence, our Prize Competitions for Executed Work (such as Competitions Nos. 10, 11, and 12) will in future be open to all, without restriction, except as provided for under our general rules, set forth on another page. The Editor.