"Two Subscribers." - No. Painting in oil or in water-colours, or in the art of the sculptor is not usually " acquired satisfactorily by self-instruction, with no other aid than that afforded by text-books." But we have known of many cases where it has been. It is surprising how much technical progress may be made even in the fine arts by the self-taught student, with an occasional hint from an experienced friend. There are fields of art, however, in which there would seem to he hardly any limit to what may be accomplished by the earnest and industrious self-instructed student of talent. Colour is a gift with which but few even of our best known professional painters are endowed; it cannot be taught. With draughtsmanship it is somewhat different; anyone who can learn to write can learn to draw. All who can write, however, are not authors, and all who can draw are not artists. This magazine does not pretend that it can make them artists. It can help a good draughtsman, however, to become an illustrator, and it can show a promising craftsman or a designer with ideas how to carry his abilities to market and turn them to profit.