Fig. 4. - use of Bent Background Tool inserted and worked backwards and forwards, as shown in the illustration, until the required depth is reached. Students should not, however, depend on it too much, as it gives a very mechanical look to the ground, and is not nearly so agreeable as when it is worked out with the tools. Until the eye is trained, an occasional point here and there to give the required depth may be of service, but the student should not use it for more than this. When it comes to the finish, a bent background tool is very useful; it is the last of the series shown on the bench in Fig. I, and is the tool being used in Fig. 4. In this example it will be observed that the fingers are doing more of the work than the wrist on which usually there is the greatest play; but of this I shall speak next month.

The Router 547

Eleanor Rowe.

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Modern English Wood-carvers.