Word Games And Other Puzzles. Masonry, Page 128

1 organ, groan

2 react, trace, cater, caret, crate

3 granite, tearing

4 stream, master

5 despair, praised

6 least, stale, tales, steal, slate

7 sister, resist

8 settler, letters, trestle

9 models, seldom

10 radio, drain

11 hustle, sleuth

12 yearned, deanery

13 phrase, seraph

14 observe, verbose

15 lumber, rumble

16. listen, enlist, silent, inlets, tinsel

17 dilatory, adroitly, idolatry

18 result, luster, ulster, sutler, rustle, lurest

19 tidiness, insisted

20 discover, divorces


1 ruse, leap-pleasure

2 spade, pair-disappear

3 mop, than-phantom

4 era, then-earthen

5 tail, duet-altitude 6" car, lily-lyrical

7 ripe, Latin-reptilian

8 spear, giant-separating

9 bar, thinly-labyrinth

10 wry, pettier-typewriter

11 ship, lacy-physical

12 boat, rude-obdurate

13 pomp, soap, huit-hippopotamus

14 raise, tap-parasite

15 matter, nag-termagant

Progressions, Page 136

1 City, pity, pits, pats, paws, pawn, dawn, down, town.

2 Plate, slate, slake, shake, share, shore, swore, sworn, swoon, spoon.

3 Gloom, groom, broom, brood, broad, bread, breed, creed, creek, cheek, cheer.

4 Trees, frees, flees, floes, flows, blows, blots, boots, roots, routs, route, rouse, house.

5 Speed, spend, spent, scent, scant, scans, scars, soars, boars, boats, coats, colts, colds, cords, cards, carps, harps, harpy, harry, hurry.

Aliens Admitted To Our Dictionary, Page 137

trek khaki kimono algebra bazaar salaam meander jodhpurs mesa hangar

Dutch Hindu Japanese Arabic

Persian (or Hindu) Arabic Greek Hindu Spanish French arithmetic siesta skedaddle sachem l toboggan ski kowtow tomato pantaloons cinema

Greek Spanish * Greek

American Indian

American Indian






A Spell-Down, Page 137

The words incorrectly spelled are: accommodated coolly rarefy privilege embarrass anticlimax receipt emigrate

* Some authorities lay Scandinavian; tome Celtic.

Some Old Nuts To Crack Again, Page 138

1. 8 cats.

Some Old Nuts To Crack Again

3. One king took his queen over and returned alone. The other two queens went over and the first queen returned. The second and third kings then crossed and the second king brought his queen back. The first and second kings crossed and the third queen came back. The first two queens went across and the third king came over for his wife.

One King Took His Queen Over And Returned AloneRemove 5 And To These 5 Add 4 And You Will Have 9

5. Remove 5 and to these 5 add 4 and you will have 9.

8 Take away the three matches in the middle of the large triangle.

9 In the order in which their namesakes live:

1 Brown-Baker

2 Smith-Butcher

3 Jones-Grocer

4 Cook-Milkman

5 Green-Coalman

10 Mr. Jones' boyhood friend was a woman.


1 That that is, is. That that is not, is not. Is not that it?

2 a] Smith, where Jones had had had, had had had had.

Had had had had the approval of the examiners, Smith would have passed, b] Time flies, you cannot. They fly so fast.

3 Mad men mimic and mock.

4 A man's tame rat hides in the road. Dig it out, man. Do!

5 I understand you undertook to overthrow my undertaking.

Names Of Islands, Page 142

1 New Guinea

2 Ireland

3 Newfoundland

4 Sicily

5 Iceland

6 Luzon (Philippines)

7 Nippon (Japan)

8 Madagascar

9 Sumatra 10. Cuba

Twelve Largest Cittes Of The World, Page 144

(in order of their size)

Londo 7,742,000

New Yor 6,930,000

Toki 5,663,000

Berli 4,288,000

Mosco 3,572,000

Shangha 3,490,000

Chicago 3,376,000 Paris 2,891,000 Leningrad 2,839,000 Buenos Aires 2,230,000 Philadelphia 1,950,000 Vienna 1,874,000

(Figures from The World Almanac, 1936)

Cities Of Over 100,000 In The United States, Page 145

Birmingham, Alabama Bridgeport, Connecticut Camden, New Jersey Canton, Ohio Evansville, Indiana Fall River, Massachusetts Flint, Michigan

Oary, Indiana Peoria, Illinois Reading, Pennsylvania Somerville, Massachusett: South Bend, Indiana Tampa, Florida Tulsa, Oklahoma capitals of foreign countries, page i4j

Addis Ababa, Abyssinia Angora, Turkey Asuncion, Paraguay Bangkok, Siam Belgrade, Jugo-Slavia Bucharest, Rumania Caracas, Venezuela Cayenne, French Guiana Georgetown, British Guiana Helsingfors, Finland

Jehol, Manchukuo Kabul, Afghanistan Managua, Nicaragua Montevideo, Uruguay Prague, Czecho-Slovakia Quito, Ecuador Santiago, Chile Sofia, Bulgaria Tegucigalpa, Honduras Teheran, Persia

Our Presidents, Page 146

Abraham Lincoln Andrew Jackson Andrew Johnson Benjamin Harrison Calvin Coolidge Chester Arthur Franklin Pierce Franklin Roosevelt George Washington Grover Cleveland Herbert Hoover James Buchanan James Garfield James Madison James Monroe James Polk

John Adams John Quincy Adams John Tyler Martin Van Buren Millard Fillmore Rutherford Hayes Theodore Roosevelt Thomas Jefferson Ulysses Grant Warren Harding William Harrison William McKinley William Taft Wood row Wilson Zachary Taylor

Shaksperiana, Page 147

The Merry Wives of Windsor


Mistress Ford

A Midsummer Night's





The Merchant of Venice






As You Like It



The Taming of the Shrew



The Tempest



Twelfth Night



Much Ado About Nothing



Julius Caesar



All the world's-

As You Like It


I'll put a girdle-

A Midsummer Night's




A Daniel come-

The Merchant of




We are such stuff-

The Tempest



Much Ado About




A horse! a horse!-

Richard III


She sat-

Twelfth Night


He jests at scars-

Romeo and Juliet


That was the most-

-Julius Caesar


Out, damned spot.


Lady Macbeth

Tit Tat Toe, No Two In A Row, Page 150

Tit Tat Toe

If You Like Mathematics. Mathematical Problems, Page 153

1. 7 bushels; 5 bushels.

a. The chief brought with him a camel from his own herd. Adding this to the original 17 to make 18, one half of 18, or 9, he gave to the eldest son. To the second son he gave a third of 18, or 6, to the youngest a ninth of

18, or two. These allotments made a total of 17. Then he rode off on his own camel.

3 28 eggs. The seven hens will lay seven eggs in a day and a half, which gives in six days, 4x7 = 28

4 40 days. The 39th day will bring him within three feet of the top of the well.

5 $1000.

6 Ann is 18. Let x = the difference in their ages.

24 - x = Ann's present age 12 + x = 24-x x = 6

7 24.

8 One half of it.

9 60 cows.

10 Original quotient j. 4a/b/2-j- = 40.a/b = 5

11 Let x = 1 x^2 = 1 = x x^2 - 1 = x - 1.

Factoring, (x-1) (x+1)=x-1 Dividing both sides of the equation by (x-1), we have x + 1 = 1 But x = 1. Therefore 1 = 2.

12 2 days.

13 Fill 3 pt. measure and empty it into the 5 pt. Fill 3 pt.

again and pour into the larger measure as much as it will hold. You now have 1 pt. left in the smaller measure. Empty the larger one, pour the 1 pt. into it. Fill the 3 pt. again and pour it in also. You now have 4 pts., which is one half a gallon.

14.- 9/9; 111-11; 555/5; 33X3 + 3/3

When They Make 22

16. When they make 22.

17. 1 lb.; 3 lbs.; 9 lbs.; 27 lbs., which on the two sides of the scale can be used to work out all the numbers from 1 to 40.

e. g. 3 - 1 = 2; 27 + 1 - 3 - 9 = 16.

Work Out All The Numbers From 1 To 405 Twos, 50 Ones, 8 Fives

20. 5 twos, 50 ones, 8 fives.

letter divisions, page 158.


2 COMPLAINED believe it or not, page 158

Complained Believe It Or Not

Problems In Contract Bridge, Page 162

1. Bids 7 clubs. Makes it by discarding from Dummy two losing Diamonds on established hearts, a. a) North-South can be set.

b) North-South can make contract. On second round, finesse S-Q. Ruff H's; take out trumps; establish D's by trumping D-Q; lead S and discard North's last S on D-10.

3 D-9 led; D-10 trumped; H-Q finessed; D-J trumped; H-3 to ace; D-Q trumped; C-K takes; C-A takes; East must trump whatever suit is led.

4 S-J led; South trumps with D-Q and West throws

D-7; South leads H and makes but one more trick, j. West plays S-5. and South takes with Q. South leads

S-K and West throws S-10. South takes once more with S-8 but loses remaining tricks. 6". West leads C-4 and East returns D. If West leads any other suit, contract can be made.

7 North leads H, which South trumps. South leads remaining trumps and this squeeze secures rest of tricks.

8 East must lead small spade.

9 South takes with S-A and plays S-Q on which Dummy discards D-A. South then plays out D's, on which Dummy discards all his C's.

Notes On "Playing With Poetry," Pages 181-2

Blake's line reads: Did He smile His work to see?

The lines misquoted should read:-

When to the sessions of sweet silent thought. Absent thee from felicity awhile. Season of mists and mellow f ruitf ulness.

O wild West Wind, thou breath of Autumn's being. Melodious birds sing madrigals.

Gray's line,

"The plowman homeward plods his weary way," may be rearranged in the following ways:

The weary plowman homeward plods his way. The weary plowman plods his homeward way. The plowman plods his weary homeward way. Homeward the plowman plods his weary way. Homeward the weary plowman plods his way. His weary way the plowman homeward plods. His homeward way the weary plowman plods. His weary homeward way the plowman plods. His way the weary plowman homeward plods.

Some of these versions do not rhyme with the first line of the stanza,

The curfew tolls the knell of parting day. Some of them have an involved word order, not suited to the simple theme. Some fail to use alliteration effectively. Some lose the effect of the transferred epithet-the man, not his way, is weary-and of keeping the word weary until the rest of the line has made you feel that the man is tired out.