THE object is to build with the same group of letters two or more different words for which definitions are given. For each word all the letters must be used.


With six letters build:


a) A small thing


b) A purifier


1. With five letters build: a A musical instrument b An unmusical sound

2 With five letters: a To respond b A vestige c To provide food d A sign of omission e A box

3 With seven letters: a A kind of rock b Rending

4 With six letters: a A river b To conquer

5. With seven letters: a Discouragement b Commended

6.. With five letters: a Smallest b Old c Stories d To rob e Roofing

7 With six letters: a A relative b To withstand

8 With seven letters: a A pioneer b Literature c A framework

9 With six letters: a Patterns b Rarely

10 With five letters: a Lowest depths b Exhaust

11 With six letters: a Hurry b A detective

12. With seven letters: a Longed b An ecclesiastical residence

13 With six letters: a A group of words b An angel

14 With seven letters: a To notice b Wordy

15 With six letters: a Wood b To resound

16 With six letters: a Hearken b Enroll c Quiet d Bays e Fripperies

17 With eight letters: a Slow b Skillfully c Blind worship

18 With six letters: a Outcome b Brightness c Overcoat d Camp follower e A sound f Enticest

19 With eight letters: a Order b Persisted

20 With eight letters: a To find b Separations Answers on page 239.


Put together the letters of the first words defined to make the longer word containing all their letters.


A Saxon noble (5 letters)




A pronoun (2 letters)




Pagan (7 letters)



1 Jum (4) A tric (4) Enjoymen ( 8)

2 A too (5) A coupl (4) Vanis (9)

3 A conjunctio (4) A wipe (3) A ghos (7)

4 A perio (3)

Within that perio (4)

Made of cla (7)

5. An appendag (4)

Two togethe (4)

Heigh (8)

6 A vehicle (3) A flower (4) Poetical (7)

7 Finished (4) A rac (5) Snaky (9)

8 To pierce (5) A monster (5) Partin (10)

9 An obstacle (3) Barely (6) Amaze (9)

10. Crooked (3) Smaller (7)

A machin (10)

11 To send of (4) Film (4) Materia (8)

12 Shi (4) Discourteou (4) Obstinat (8)

13 Displa (4) A cleanse (4) Eight (French) (4) A pachyder (12)

14 Lif (5) A fauce (3) A sucke (8)

15 What trifles do to my total (6)

What she does about them (3)

A shrew (9)


To play this game take two words of the same number of letters and, changing only one letter at a time and never shifting the letters from their original order, work out the shortest possible series of words leading from the first one chosen to the second.

For example, progress from cow to pig.

There are many possible Progressions: cow, how, hog, hag, bag, big, pig-a series of 7 cow, cog, dog, dig, pig-a series of 5 cow, cot, pot, pit, pig-a series of 5

As the object is to complete the Progression with the shortest possible series, either of the last two series or any other which contains only five words may be given as the answer.

Progressions can be worked out from either end or from both ends at once. You can make up Progressions and challenge your friends to work out shorter series than you discover. Proper names are not allowed nor words not in common use.

Here are a few to begin on:

1 From city to town in a series of 9.

2 From plate to spoon in a series of 10.

3 From gloom to cheer in a series of 11.

4 From trees to house in a series of 13.

5 From speed to hurry in a series of 20.

Aliens Admitted To Our Dictionary

These words from near and far have come into our dictionaries. After each one write the language of its origin.



kimono algebra bazaar salaam meander jodhpurs mesa _ hangar arithmetic siesta_ skedaddle sachem_ toboggan ski_ kowtow tomato pantaloons cinema

A Spell-Down

In this list of twenty-eight words eight are misspelled. Find them and re-write them correctly below.

appreciate nineteen syllable repetition melancholy privelige embarass indefinite accomodated benefited reciept besiege celebrate cooly occurrence rarify descendant intelligence anteclimax bicycle visibility indescribably exercise recommend emmigrate occasionally truly separate