A MEDLEY of games and puzzles, new and old, make up this section of occupations for the "idea-minded." It gives some mental setting-up exercises which will get you in trim for more purposeful use of your mind later-for playing bridge and writing letters, for taking up again some favorite line of study, for reading those worth-while books for which it is so hard to find leisure.

You will notice some omissions. For example, there are no cross-word puzzles in it. Those pleasant means of diversion are abundantly supplied by the newspapers and the innumerable cross-word puzzle books on sale everywhere. Nor is it possible in this small handbook to present adequately the pencil-and-paper games, the brain-twisters, the challenges to one's wits, the tests of one's stores of general information which have been so popular of late. The book lists include some of the best and newest of the numerous books of such amusements for leisure hours. If they appeal to your fancy, you can hint to your Devoted Family or Thoughtful Friends which of them seem most to your liking.

As equipment, besides a pencil and paper within reach and, for some mathematical puzzles, a ruler, you will find very useful a large cardboard holder for a desk blotter or a good-sized piece of plain, stiff cardboard. A desk-blotter case is particularly convenient for bridge problems and and games of solitaire because cards will not slip on the surface of the blotting paper. It is also the best of devices to use for doing jig-saw puzzles. It can stand on edge beside the bed and you can lift it into place for yourself.