Directions For Doing The Monocromatic Drawing 30

Take pasteboard or drawing paper, size with is in glass, or paint with pure white lead. When thoroughly dried, smooth it down with sand-paper, and paint again. Before this coat is perfectly dry, sift upon it pulverized white marble, through muslin. When dry, shake off the loose marble that remains. Monochromatic board can be found already prepared at the book stores, where artist materials are kept. The materials needed for this work, is a thin-blade knife, crayons, fine sponge, pencil, cork, rubber, blender, etc. Commence painting with the dark shades first, and blend gradually into the light. For very dark shades, rub the crayon directly upon the surface with a light hand, and blend off carefully. Paint the sky first, as in water colors. It is well to shade distant mountains very light at first, and be sure to have the edges soft and faint. For water, scrape some black crayon into a powder, and lay it on your board with the blender, working it horizontally, making the lights and shades stronger as it comes nearer. Use the pen-knife for making sharp lights. Dark subjects work to the best advantage, such as moonlight scenes on the water, old ruins, etc. The foliage requires a great deal of attention in showing it up. Draw in the figures last. One familiar with crayon or pencil drawing can acquire this branch of art very easily.