THIS list gives only detailed descriptions of craft work. There are many references to craft in more general books but these are given in the reading list of another volume, WORKADAY LIFE OF THE PUEBLOS.


The initials for the institution issuing the publication are first given, with the address where publications can be obtained. Indented beneath it are the initials for its various publications, as B-Bulletin, M-Memoir, etc.


American Anthropologist. Published at Menasha, Wis. Back numbers from Miss Bella Weitzner, American Museum of Natural History, New York, N.Y. A technical quarterly, usually without illustrations.


American Anthropological Association. Treasurer, from whom publications are ordered: Miss Bella Weitzner. See above.


Memoirs. Material similar to that in the Anthropologist but in longer pamphlet form.


American Museum of Natural History, New York, N. Y.


Anthropological Papers. Technical pamphlets, sometimes with plates.


Bureau of American Ethnology, Washington, D. C. Some publications of the Bureau are out of print but may be obtained from such dealers as Dauber and Pyne, Washington, D. C, Schulte, Fourth Ave., New York.


Report. A series of elaborate, illustrated volumes, issued yearly from 1880-1929.


Bulletin. Smaller volumes, few illustrations. These include many of the Bureau's publications on archaeology and music.


Columbia University, New York. Publications from the Columbia University Press, New York City.


Contributions to Anthropology. Full volumes reporting anthropological field work.


El Palacio. Small sized monthly with popular articles and photographs.


Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colo.


Leaflets, of three or four pages and a good photograph. Each contains a simplified digest of material on some phase of Indian life. Excellent for purchase and distribution in a school.


Field Columbian Museum, Chicago, III.


Anthropological Series. Full volumes reporting anthropological field work. Technical, few illustrations.


Historical Society of New Mexico. Publications in History, State Museum, Santa Fe, N.M. Pamphlets by historical experts. A few illustrations.


Laboratory of Anthropology, Santa Fe, N.M.


Memoirs. Volumes on special phases of pueblo art with fine colored illustrations.


Museum of the North American Indian (Heye Foundation), New York, N. Y.



Notes and Monographs. Small sized volumes, with detailed description of crafts.

Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, N. M.


Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff, Ariz.


Museum Notes. Small leaflets, usually unillustrated but giving valuable practical information from workers in archaeology and crafts in the Hopi area.


Plateau, an illustrated quarterly, successor to Museum Notes.


Bulletin. Pamphlets in the manner of Museum Notes but longer.


National Geographic Magazine, Washington, D. C. Illustrated popular material.


New Mexico Historical Review, State Museum, Santa Fe, N. M. A quarterly giving authoritative articles on New Mexican history. Unillustrated.


Public Museum of the City of Milwaukee, Wis.


Bulletin. Illustrated pamphlets.


Southwest Museum, Highland Park, Los Angeles, Calif. Leaflet. Small sized, illustrated pamphlets. Papers. Larger pamphlets.

Frederic Webb Hodge Memorial Fund. A series of larger illustrated pamphlets.


Scientific Monthly, Science Press, Lancaster, Penn. The monthly publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Authoritative articles on varied scientific subjects, usually not too detailed for the layman.


Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C.




Miscellaneous Collections.


Publications. These volumes are to be found only in larger and more specialized libraries and many are out of print. They give valuable information by museum collectors from 1870 on, with photographs and sketches.


Tree Ring Bulletin, Tucson, Ariz.


University of Chicago Press, Chicago, III.


Publications in Anthropology. Full sized volumes reporting field work.


United States National Museum, Washington, D. C.


Annual Report.




University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, N. M.




Ethnobiological Series. Both of the above are small sized, technical pamphlets with no illustrations.


Yale University, New Haven, Conn.


Publications in Anthropology. Large sized pamphlets reporting field work. No illustrations.


General Series in Anthropology, Menasha, Wis. Technical subjects, no illustrations.