Prepored primarily for use in Federal Indian schools. Suitable for use in any school.

Indian Life And Customs Books-Illustrated

The Northern Paiute Indians of California and Nevada, by Ruth Underbill The Indians of Southern California, bv Ruth Underhill

The Papago Indians of Arizona, and their Relotives the Pima, by Ruth Underhill

Workaday Life of the Pueblos, by Ruth Underhill

Indians of the Pacific Northwest, by Ruth Underbill

The Story of the Brackfeet, by John C. Ewers

People of the Crimson Evening, by Ruth Underhill

Hera Come the Navaho!, by Ruth Underbill

Indian Hand Craft Books-Illustrated

Quill ond Beodwork of the Western Sioux, by Carrie A. Lyford Navajo Native Dyes, by Nonabah G. Bryan and Stella Young 0 jib wo Crafts, by Carrie A. Lyford Iroquois Crafts, by Carrie A. Lyford Pueblo Crofts, by Ruth Underbill

Spruce Root Basketry of the Alaska Tlingit, by Frances Paul Blackfeet Crafts, by John C. Ewers

Indian Life Readers-Illustrated By Indian Artists

Navajo Series, in English and Navajo Sioux Series, in English and Sioux Pueblo Series, in English; also one in Hopi


Navajo-English Dictionary, by Leon Wall and William Morgan

Education for Action, by Willard W. Beatty and associates

Education for Cultural Change, by Willard W. Beatty and associates

Education for Crow-Cultural Enrichment, by Hildegard Thompson and associates

Fundamental Education in on Amerindian Community, by Pedro T. Orata

The Educational Achievement of Indian Children, by Kenneth E. Andersen, E. Gordon Collister, and Carl E. Ladd

The Indian Child Goes to School, by L. Madison Coombs, Ralph E. Krori, E. Gordon Collister, and Kenneth E. Anderson Doorway Toward the Light, by L Madison Coombs

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