Some of the most thorough descriptions of Southwest weaving have been written about the Navaho who learned weaving from the pueblos and whose practice resembles theirs at most points. The most useful of these are:

Amsden, Charles

Navaho Weaving, Its Technic and History.

Fine Arts Press, Santa Ana, Calif. 1934.

Clear description of every process with illustrations. Many specific mentions of pueblo weaving.

Matthews, Washington

Navaho Weavers.

BAE-R, No. 3, 1884.

The first good description of Southwest weaving mentioning and illustrating the pueblos as well as Navaho.

Reichard, Gladys A.

The Navaho Shepherd and Weaver.

J. J. Augustin, New York, 1936.

A manual for weavers, referring specifically to the Navaho but with good practical information on many processes common to Navaho and pueblos.

Bunzel, Ruth L.

The Pueblo Potter: A Study of Creotive Imagination in Indian Art.

C U. Press, 1920.

Many plates and figures. Critical comparison of styles at Zuni, Acoma, Hopi, San lldefonso, with a history of their development.

Chapman, Kenneth

The Pottery of Santo Domingo Pueblo.

LA-M. Vol. 1, 1936.

A wealth of colored plates.

Symmetry of Pueblo Pottery Shapes.

EP, 1924, Vol. 16, No. 11. Pueblo Feather Designs.

EP, 1927, Vol. 23, No. 1. Zuni Bird Designs.

EP, 1928, Vol. 24, No. 2.

Brief articles by an authority. Illustrations.

Douglas, Frederic H.

Pottery of the Southwestern Tribes.

DAM-L, 69-70. 1935. Modern Pueblo Pottery Types.

DAM-L, 53-54. 1935.

Brief summaries with photographs.

Guthe, Carl

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Philips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, 1925.

Factual description of coiling, polishing, firing, as carried out at San lldefonso. Pictures.

Jeancon, Jean A.

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Jeancon, Jean and Douglas, Frederic H.

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Pueblo Indian Pottery Making.

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Brief summaries with photographs.

Mera, H. P.

Style Trends of Pueblo Pottery in the Rio Grande and Little Colorado Areas from the 16th to the 19th Century.

LA-M, Vol. 11, 1939.

Interesting discussion with many plates.

The Rainbird: A Study in Pueblo Design.

LA-M, Vol. 2, 1937.

Almost entirely plates in color. Excellent material for exhibition or for an art class.

Colored Plates And Drawings Of Pottery In Museum Catalogues

The references given below hove little descriptive text but provide fine pictures, not otherwise obtainable, for reference and exhibition.

Fewkes, Jesse Walter

Archaeological Expedition to Arizona in 1895.

BAE-R 17, pt. 2.

The Sikyotki pottery which gave the inspiration to modern Hopi.

Designs on Prehistoric Hopi Pottery.

BAE-R 33, 1911-12.

Two Summers Work in Pueblo Ruins.

BAE-R 22, pt. 1. 1900-1901.

Prehistory Hopi pots as well as others farther south.

Holmes, William H.

Pottery of the Ancient Pueblos.

BAE, 4, 1882-83 (Prehistoric Pottery).

Stevenson, James

Collections From New Mexico.

BAE-R 2, 1800-1881, Contemporary pottery.


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Pueblo Shell Beads and Inlay.

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Tools And Weapons

Hough, Walter

Stone Working at Tewa.

AA, Vol. 10, No. 6, 1890.

Pictures of tools ond weapons in museum collections listed in USNM-P, Vol. 54, BAR -R 2, opp. p. 375.

Mason, C. T.

North American Bows, Arrows and Quivers.

Smithsonian Publication, 962, 1895.

A general discussion with some information on the pueblos.


A Study of the Primitive Methods of Drilling.

USNM-AR, 1894.

Colored picture of a pump drill in use, opp. p. 118.

Rogers, Spencer L

The Aboriginal Bow and Arrow of North America and Eastern Asia.

AA, Vol. 42, No. 2, 1940.


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Brew, J. 0. and Hack, John T.

Prehistoric Use of Coal by Indians of Northern Arizona.

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Exposition of Indian Tribal Arts

Leaflet, 4 pages, magazine size, with photographs of modern Indian paintings. Copies from Laboratory of Anthropology, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

d'Harnoncourt, Rene and Douglas, F. H.

Indian Art of the United States.

New York, Museum of Modern Art, 1941.

Fine photographs of pueblo painting as well as of other arts, with brief descriptive text.

Hewett, Edgar L.

Pre-Hispanic Frescoes in the Rio Grande Valley.


Bunzel, Ruth

Zuni Ritual Poetry.

BAE-R 47, 1929.

Free poetic translations.

Spinden, Joseph H.

Songs of the Tewa, (Translated).

Exposition of Indian Tribal Arts, New York, 1933.

Copies now obtainable from Laboratory of Anthropology, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Walton, E. L. and Waterman, T. T.

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Bailey, Virginia

Indian Music of the Southwest.

EP, Vol. VLIV, Nos. 1 ond 2.

A brief introductory statement, quoting several songs with music.

Densmore, Frances

The Music of Santo Domingo Pueblo.

SWM-P. 1938.

The music of many songs with analysis and some description.

Herzog, George

A Comparison of Pueblo and Pima Musical Styles.

AFL-J, Vol. 49, No. 144, 1936.

An interesting paper for those with some musical knowledge.

Roberts, Helen

Chakwena Songs of Zuni and Laguna.

AFL-J 36, 1923.

Transcription and discussion of the music of several songs.

Dancer and drummer

Plate Vl-l 1. Dancer and drummer from mural in Department of the Interior, Washington, D. C.