Cement For Fastening Tools In Their Handles

Mix. one part beeswax, one part fine brick dust and four parts black rosin.

E. H. McClintock. West Somerville, Mass.

Cement For Gluing Emery To Wood Or Metal

The following is a good receipt for gluing emery to wood or metal and I have used it with success where other cements have failed. Melt together equal parts of shellac, white rosin and carbolic acid (in crystals) adding the carbolic acid after the shellac and rosin have been melted. This makes a cement having great holding power. W. T.

How To Fasten Rubber To Wood

Make a cement by macerating virgin gum rubber, or as pure rubber as can be had, cut in small pieces, in just enough naptha or gasoline to cover it. Let it stand in a very tightly corked or scaled jar for fourteen days, or a sufficient time to become dissolved, shaking the mixture daily.

Another cement is made by dissolving pulverized gum shellac, 1 ounce, in 9 ounces of strong ammonia. This of course must be kept tightly corked. It will not be as elastic as the first preparation.

Neponset, Mass. Oscar E. Perrigo.

Cement For Joining Metals To Wood

Dissolve in boiling water 2 pounds glue, 2 ounces gum ammoniac and drop by drop 2 ounces of sulphuric acid.

Birmingham, Eng. W. R. Bowers.

Cement For Fastening Emery To Wood

Melt and mix equal parts of shellac, white rosin and carbolic acid in crystals. Add the acid after the other two ingredients are melted. W. R. Bowers.

Birmingham, England.