Filling For Cast Iron

One-quarter tumbler full of japan dryer, 1% ounce finely ground dry white lead. Mix and add 1 quart of finishing japan. Stir in dry rotten stone until mixture is a thick paste. E. H. McClintock.

West Somervllle, Mass.

Iron Cement

For plugging holes in castings a good cement is made from 80 parts of sifted cast-iron turnings, 2 parts of powdered sal-ammoniac, and 1 part sulphur, made into thick paste with water fresh for use.

Detroit, Mich. David Melville.

Filling For Blowholes In Cast Iron

One part red lead, and 1 part litharge. Mis with glycerine to consistency desired. E. H. McClintock.

West Somerville, Mass.

Cement For Iron

Six parts of white lead, 6 of sulphur and 1 of borax, thoroughly mixed and wetted with strong sulphuric acid makes a very strong cement. David Melville.

Detroit, Mich.

Cement For Cast Iron

Mix 1 pound cast-iron filings, 1 ounce sulphur, and 2 ounces sal-ammoniac. Mix thoroughly and keep dry. When using, mix one part of this composition with twenty parts clear filings and some very fine sand. Make into a stiff paste with water.

E. H. McClintock.

West Somerville, Mass.

Mixture For Making A Porous Casting Air- And Water-Tight

To make a porous casting air- and water-tight prepare a saturated solution of copper sulphate, mix with it an equal quantity of commercial nitric acid. Dip the casting into the solution, or pour it over the casting on all sides and let stand for a few hours. L. S. Burbank.

Worcester, Mass.

Alloy For Filling Holes In Cast Iron

Melt together 9 parts of lead, 2 parts of antimony, and 1 part of bismuth, and pour this mixture into the hole, first somewhat warming the hole. This alloy possesses the quality of expanding when cooling, hence becomes solid in the holes when cold.

Dubuque, Iowa. E. J. Buchet.

How To Close Cracks In Castings

The following mixture has been successfully used in filling cracks in gas engine water jackets, and is similar in nature to the ordinary rust joint mixtures. Prepare a dry mixture of 17 parts of cast-iron filings, 2 parts of sal-ammoniac, and 1 part of flour of sulphur; add twenty times the weight of new iron filings, put in a mortar and add water so as to obtain a paste. This paste is applied to the crack, and in a short time becomes as hard as the metal itself. M. E. Canek.

Cement For Cast Iron

To make a cement for cast iron take 16 ounces cast-iron borings; 2 ounces, sal-ammoniac; and 1 ounce, sulphur. Mix well and keep dry. When ready to use take one part of this powder to 20 parts of cast-iron borings and mix thoroughly into a stiff paste, adding a little water. A. A.

Cement For Holes And Cracks In Castings

A cement for holes and cracks in castings is made of 6 parts red lead, ground in oil; 3 parts white lead, ground in oil; 2 parts black oxide of manganese; 1 part silicate of soda; part litharge. Mix and use as a putty. To preserve from hardening, put in a vessel and cover with water.

Syracuse, N. Y. C. E. Mink.