Tapping Holes In Cast Iron

Kerosene oil used as a lubricant for tapping holes in cast iron is the best lubricant known to the writer. Wm. Davis. Philadelphia, Pa.

How To Turn Very Hard Iron And Steel

Use a drip can for the tool with the following solution: petroleum, 2 gallons; turpentine, 1 gallon, and 2 ounces of camphor. J. H. HOLDSWORTH. Toronto, Canada.

How To Turn Aluminum

To produce a smooth surface when turning aluminum use kerosene oil for a lubricant. If turning in a turret lathe provided with an oil pump, mix the kerosene oil with lard oil, 1 part of lard oil to 3 parts of kerosene, as kerosene itself is too thin to be fed through the ordinary oil pump without being mixed with a more heavy flowing fluid. Kerosene oil is also the best lubricant for use in boring, threading and reaming aluminum.

East Hartford, Conn. John C. Monrad.

How To Drill Hard Steel

To drill hardened steel make an old-fashioned flat drill and temper as hard as it will stand. Use camphor and turpentine in place of oil. I have drilled steel in this manner which I could not drill in any other way. G. E. Hetzler.

Dayton, O.

A Lubricant For Cutting: Threads

After trying various kinds of lubricants in cutting threads on tool steel, machine steel, etc., I found that common lard (not lard oil) mixed with about one-third turpentine gave the best results. The mixture may be applied with a small brush. Paterson, N. J. Stephen Courter.

Drilling Compound

A good drilling compound is made by adding 1 pound common soda to 4 quarts water, and 1 pint machine oil. Let stand for about one hour and it will be ready for use. This will not rust the machines and is clean to work with.

Winnetka, Ill. Frank Pavlik, Jr.

Lubricant For Cutting Aluminum

A good lubricant for cutting aluminum in the lathe is kerosene oil. It will permit a better finish, and will materially reduce the liability of tearing the surface by the cutting tool. Sregor.

Lubricant For Aluminum Cutting

The following mixture makes the best lubricant for turning, or any other machining operation on aluminum, that I have ever tried: Mix 1 part good lard oil with 4 parts of kerosene oil.

A. A. Stevenson.

Lubricant For Fitting Aluminum Threads

When screwing an aluminum article onto an iron or steel part, much trouble Is often experienced by the breaking and tearing of the threads of the softer metal. This can be prevented by lubricating the screw well with a mixture of oil and graphite. Sregor.

Lubricating Mixture For Cutting Tools

The proportion of ingredients of a lubricating mixture for cutting tools is 6 gallons of water, 3% pounds of soft soap, and gallon of clean refuse oil. Heat the water and mix with the soap, preferably in a mechanical mixer; afterward add the oil. A cast iron circular tank to hold 12 gallons, fitted with a tap at the bottom and having three revolving arms fitted to a vertical shaft driven by bevels and a fast, loose pulley, answers all that is required for a mixer. This should be kept running all through the working day.

Manchester, Eng. H. T. Millar.