Drawing Plates I to III inclusive constitute the Examination for this Instruction Paper. The student should draw these Plates in ink and send them to the School for correction and criticism.

The vertical letters are merely for explanation and should not be placed upon the plates sent us. The dot and dash center lines and the lines used for spacing the sheet should not be inked. The date, student's name and address, and the plate number should be lettered on each plate in inclined Gothic capitals.


Any student so desiring may, on completion of Plate I, send it in to the School for correction and criticism as a Practice Plate. Before going to the labor of drawing all three plates, he will thus have the benefit of his Instructor's suggestions for improvement, and can take advantage of these in re-drawing Plate I, and in drawing Plates II and III for the regular examination.

Section Of Shockless Jarring Machine.

Section Of Shockless Jarring Machine. Courtesy Of Tabor Manufacturing Campany, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mechanical Drawing. Part II

In Part I the instructions and the problems worked out have been designed to teach the student the elementary operations of Mechanical Drawing, giving him a knowledge of the instruments, an ability to draw a straight and true line, and to make up simple figures. A fair degree of drawing ability is now assumed and we can pass on to more complicated problems. Wherever we turn for subjects, however, we find a knowledge of geometrical figures and their properties is absolutely essential to a clear understanding of the problems chosen and we will therefore turn to a discussion of these geometrical figures and the problems which involve them.