The paring gouges used in pattern making are ground or beveled on the inside, as shown in Fig. 46. These gouges are made in regular, middle, and flat sweeps. They are indispensable for working out core boxes and other curves.

Paring Gouge.

Fig. 46. Paring Gouge.

Common Firmer Gouge.

Fig. 47. Common Firmer Gouge.

In selecting a set of paring gouges, they should be not only of assorted sizes, but of different sweeps, so as to work out semicircles and curves of different radii.

The common firmer gouge, illustrated in Fig. 47, is a useful tool for rough or heavy work, but in general its use can be dispensed with in pattern making.

Front Bent Type

An assortment of four to nine carver's gouges, front bent, as shown in Fig. 48, will be found necessary for working out short deep curves, and in places where a straight gouge cannot be used, as in the core boxes for a globe valve - shown in Pattern Making Part II, Figs. 233 and 234 - and for similar work.

The full set consists of nine tools, the curves of which are numbered from 24 to 32. The two extremes, Nos. 24 and 32, are shown in Fig. 48, and also the shapes of the curves of the seven intermediate, Nos. 25 to 31, inclusive. If desired, to save expense, each alternate tool might be omitted from the set, only the odd numbers 25, 27, 29, and 81 being selected, and for ordinary work these will be found sufficient.

Carver's Gouges.

Fig. 48. Carver's Gouges.