The ladle shank shown in Fig. 118 may be made in several ways. The ring may be welded up of flat stock and a round handle welded on with a T-weld, or square stock may be taken, worked out, and split as shown in Fig. 119, these split ends being afterward welded to make the ring. Another method of making without any welds at all would be to split the stock as indicated in Fig. 120 and to work out in the same way that a weldless ring is made. The latter method would take more time but would make the sounder forging.

Ladle Shank.

Fig. 118. Ladle Shank.

Ladle Shank Made from Square Stock.

Fig. 119. Ladle Shank Made from Square Stock.

Ladle Shank without Weld.

Fig. 120. Ladle Shank without Weld.