The subject of mechanical drawing is of great interest and importance to all mechanics and engineers. Drawing is a method of showing graphically the minute details of machinery; it is the language by which the designer speaks to the workman; it is the most graphical way of placing ideas and calculation on record. A brief inspection of an accurate, well-executed working drawing gives a better idea of a machine than a lengthy written or verbal description. The better and more clearly a drawing is made, the more intelligently the workman can comprehend the ideas of the designer. Thorough training in this important subject is necessary to the success of everyone engaged in mechanical work.

The draftsman is dependent for his success, to a certain extent, upon the quality of the instruments and materials which he uses. As a beginner, he will find a cheap grade of instrument sufficient for his needs; but after he has become expert, it will be necessary for him to procure those of better construction and finish to enable him to do accurate work. It is a better plan to purchase the well-made instruments, if possible, at the start.