Pumps are often set directly upon a foundation of brick, but it makes a better job to bed stones, with surfaces dressed plane and true, into the main foundation, and rest the pump feet upon these stones. The simplest form of holding down bolts is shown on Plate M, a plain hook at the lower end, pulling up against a flat cast-iron plate, to distribute the pressure into the brickwork. These plates are of course bedded, and the bolts set as the foundation is built up. As the subsequent courses are laid some little space is left around the bolts, which may be afterwards filled with cement, thus making the bolts rigid with the foundation.

The water end of the foundation has no batter, because the suction pipe often drops vertically down from the end of the pump, and clearness is therefore necessary.

The floor line is placed 4 inches above the brickwork, to allow for the usual 1-inch top floor and 2-inch plank beneath, and still have a space left for shims to level the floor.