The best way of carrying a camera on a cycle is a much-del.ated question. The slides may be carried knapsack fashion on the back of the rider, the stand across the top bar of the frame, and the camera slung in a case over the back wheel. On a long journey, however, it is uncomfortable to carry anything on the back. If the apparatus is carried on the handle-bar the vibration is very great, and shutters, etc., soon get out of order; dust also readily accumulates. The dust trouble, however, may be easily overcome by carrying the camera and slides in dust-proof or close-fitting cases, and where the springs in the dark slides do not keep the plates tightly in position, a piece of rubber tubing put between one of the plates and the backing card will often overcome any vibration. But anything bulky on the handle-bar is liable to affect the steering, and increases the danger of side slip, while anything carried within the frame of the machine may make the pedalling very uncomfortable.