These are instructions on making a brass collar for a dog. Cut a strip of brass 1 1/2 in. wide, and equal in length to the circumference of the dog's neck, with an additional allowance for lap at the end, as shown at A B (Fig. 1). Punch two small holes at the opposite end, into which the ends of the wire staple (Fig. 2) will fit, and also punch out the slots at the end AB. Now fold over the long edges along the dotted line shown, until the section formed is as shown by Fig. 3. Then wire along each side in a crease iron; this would make the section as shown by Fig. 4. Turn the collar round and solder the staple firmly in position and flush on the inside. Any one of the slots on the end opposite the staple end would then hook over the staple, and the collar could be fastened with a small padlock.

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Fig. 2.

Making Brass Dog Collar.

Fig. 4. Making Brass Dog Collar.