To make a hair wash to remove scurf, use tincture of cantharides, 1 dr.; rum or rectified spirit, 1 1/2pt.; carbonate of ammonia. 1 dr.; and carbonate of potash, 1 dr.; a small quantity of eau-de-cologne may be added if desired. Shake till dissolved. Rub well into the scalp until a lather is formed; then wash out with water. Liquor ammonia would make the lotion stronger. A little hair-oil or lime cream should he applied to the hair next day, as the lotion removes the natural oil. This wash does not dye the hair. A liquid soap for shampooing may he made in the following manner. Dissolve 4 oz. of castile soap (cut into shavings) in 5 pt. of methylated spirit, and add a few drops of essential oil of lemon or bergamot.