Procure a small fireclay crucible in which to melt the silver. For a flux use equal quantities of finely powdered charcoal and sal-ammoniac. Make up a large, bright coal fire in an open grate, and when the fire is quite clear break a, hollow space in the centre. In this space place the crucible, and allow it to get red hot; then put in the silver, and draw some of the hot coals cLsely around and over it. Blow the fire with the bellows until the crucible gets white hot, when the silver will melt, the fusing point being at 1873° P. (1022-7° C). Then add the flux to clear the surface from scum. Again make the crucible hot, and quickly pour the contents into an iron ingot mould previously made scalding hot. One or two ounces of silver may be melted at a time in this way. The flux may be stirred with a pointed rod of iron previously made red hot.