Gold has a fixed market value per ounce which never alters. Pure gold (24 carat) is worth 1 5s. per ounce troy; 22-cara1 gold (guinea gold or wedding-ring gold) is worth 3; 17s. lid. per ounce troy; 18-carat gold is worth 3 3s. 9(1. per ounce; 15-carat gold, E2 13s. l 1/2d.; 12-carat gold (half gold, half alloy), 22s. 6d. per ounce; 9-carat gold (the lowest quality that is hall-marked in England) is worth 1 l1 s. 10 1/2d. per ounce. The value of silver tlactuates according to the market; it has been worth 5s. per ounce troy, and it has fallen to 2s. The London market value of silver will he found in most daily papers under the heading "Market Reports," amongst the " London Metals."