Recipes for paste blackings are the following. (1) Mix together 8 parts (by weight) of ivory black, 4 parts of treacle, and 1 part of sweet oil, afterwards adding 2 parts of oil of vitriol diluted with 4 parts of water. Moisten to the required consistency with water or stale beer. (2) Superior blacking. Mix together 31b. to 41b. of lampblack, 1/2 lb. of animal charcoal, moisten with glycerine, and add 5 lb. of molasses. Fuse 2 1/2 oz. of pure guttapercha in an iron vessel over a fire, and stir in first 1/2 pt. of olive oil and then 1 oz. of stearin. Add the warm mass to the former mixture, and theu add a solution of 5 oz. of gum Senegal in 1 1/2 pt. of water, and 1 dr. each of rosemary and lavender oils. (3) Rub together 1 lb. of molasses, 1} lb. of ivory black, and 2 oz. of sweet oil, and add a little lemon juice or strong vinegar. (4) Rub together 7 lb. of ivory black. 5 1/4 lb. of molasses, 1/2 pt. of common oil, 12 oz. of oil of vitriol, and sufficient water.