The production of chickens, or other animals, alive, from eggs, whether by incubation of the parent, or by artificial heat. Under the article Eggs, we have described the mode of hatching chickens by the heat of ovens. In the next article we shall notice the important art of hatching fish, which is practised with much success in China.

Hatching Of Fish

The Chinese hatch the spawn offish, by collecting it on the margin and surface of the water, and then filling the shell of a newly laid egg with the gelatinous matter that contains the spawn. The hole in the egg is waxed over, and it is put under a sitting hen. At the expiration of a certain number of days, they break the shell in water warmed by the sun The young fry are presently hatched, and are kept in pure fresh water till they are large enough to be thrown into the pond with the old fish. The sale of spawn for this purpose forms an important article of trade in China.