A measure of capacity, or a cask of a certain determinate size, for holding liquids. The wine hogshead is three-fourths of a puncheon, one-half of a pipe, and one-fourth of a tun; it contains a tierce and a half, or 63 gallons, or 252 quarts, or 504 pints, or 14,553 cubic inches. The beer and ale hogshead is half a butt, and contains a barrel and a half, or 3 kilderkins, or 6 firkins, or 54 gallons, or 216 quarts, or 432 pints, or 15,288 cubic inches; consequently, the wine hogshead is to the beer or ale hogshead as 539 to 564. There are also hogsheads for sugar, flour, peas, and other dry goods; but of these the capacities are not fixed.